• Narrator: Join The Powerpuff Girls and their friends in an all new big adventure yet...

(Fade in to show The Powerpuff Girls and their team as the fade out the screen)

  • Narattor: To meet Pablo The Little Red Fox and all of his friends.
  • Pablo: Oh, hello. Who are you?
  • Blossom: I'm Blossom!
  • Bubbles: Bubbles!
  • Buttercup: And I'm Buttercup!
  • Girls: And we're The Powerpuff Girls!
  • SpongeBob: I'm SpongeBob SquarePants and this is my best friend; Patrick Star.
  • Patrick: Hello!
  • Brain Griffin: What'll up. We're the Griffin Family.
  • Lazlo: Hello! My name's Lazlo.
  • Raj: I'm Raj!
  • Clam: Clam here!
  • Edward: I'm Edward the Platypus. But you can call me Edward.
  • Chip and Skip: Chip and Skip! Reporting for duty!
  • Dave and Ping Pong: Dave and Ping Pong. At your service.
  • Samson: How do you do? I'm Samson.
  • Patsy: I'm Lazlo's girlfriend; Patsy Smiles. But that's okay. You can call me Patsy.
  • Nina: Good afternoon. I'm Nina. And I know science and books.
  • Gretchen: Yeah, yeah. I know that. I'm Gretchen. Get it?
  • Blossom: And you are?
  • Pablo: Pablo The Little Red Fox. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Ceebebies.
  • Narrator: Where they meet Human Flash Sentry.
  • Pablo: (as Flash Sentry appeared) Why, Flash Sentry! Are you alright?
  • Flash Sentry: Yeah, I'm Fine, Pablo. And I see you brought new friends.
  • Narrator: Where this is a legendary of a French accent fox named Fifi Fox...
  • Girls: Fifi Fox?!
  • Bubbles: We've got to find her!
  • Buttercup: And fast!
  • Narrator: To find the beautiful fox, before Victor The Crocodile destroys her.
  • Victor: I've come back to find a beautiful fox. But if she can be destroyed!
  • Narrator: It's up to our heroes to go finf Fifi...
  • Pablo: Don't worry! We're on our way!
  • Narrator: Cartoon Network and Ceebebies presents... "The Powerpuff Girls' Adventures Of Pablo and the Magic Enchanted Forest". Coming soon to youtube.

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